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Tips from the Top

What’s the most frequent question I’m being asked lately?

“So where’s your favourite spot in Ireland?”

It’s a fair question seen as I’ve travelled the length and breadth of Ireland in the past seven months. However, people seem disappointed with my response. I’m not trying to be diplomatic by responding that after every road trip, myself and my trusty travel companion (boyfriend/designated driver) would proclaim that we had just discovered our new favourite cafe or guesthouse, beach or castle. Some may accuse us of being indecisive, but I beg to differ. The fact is we were simply spoilt for choice.
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Editor’s Choice

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I’ve been flicking through the glossy guide over pots of tea and countless Twirls. In places, my editor has replaced my enthusiastic rants with more sedate phrases and  a few of my recommended places have fallen by the wayside. This is the way of publishing. There is a limit as to how many words you can fit in a book and that’s what editors are for. Left to the writer, a book of 340 pages would be 670 pages. This is a fact.
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