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House Parties in Hidden Ireland

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It’s a familiar scene, parents, children, grandparents, uncles and aunts gathered around a cosy fire, the Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background and the merry sound of laughter echoing through the house. Step off the big screen, out of the big American home and the reality is somewhat different.

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Ski, Shopping & Sunshine in the US

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This morning I had to get up super early, although my deranged kitten and a wailing fox ensured I was awake several hours before my 5am alarm bell. Out to Dublin Airport, Terminal 2 where TV3 were filming live all morning. I got to talk about sunshine and theme parks in Orlando, ski in Vancouver, dog-sledding in Toronto and shopping in Chicago. A busy morning, I’m sure you’ll agree. Read more »


A Hidden Retreat in Co. Kilkenny – Ballilogue Clochán

I can’t remember who gave me this piece of advice, but it has always stuck with me. If you have a decision to make, pretend you are writing a story and you are the protagonist. Now what would you tell yourself to do? Speaking from experience, the decisions you make with this in mind, come from your heart rather than your head and generally involve taking a risk. I try to use this piece of advice whenever I falter. You see, I believe in taking risks. Yes, courage is required and then there’s the whole fear thing to conquer, but ultimately there is a sense of sheer joy. Read more »