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February 10, 2012

Number 3 – Romance in Dublin

by Julianne Mooney

I’ve always been the organizer of our group; parties, nights out, holidays away. I’m not going to say I don’t enjoy it, because I do, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do the organizing. So, if I were to have a perfect, romantic day in Dublin planned for me, this is what it would look like.

The day would start with a walk down the pier to Poolbeg Lighthouse. Ok, so the drive through the industrial estate is far from romantic, but once you hit the pier there’s nothing better than all that fresh sea air and a hand to hold to prevent you from falling over on a windy day.

Somehow, I’d be whisked into town for lunch in my favourite café, Queen of Tarts. Here, I’d gorge on one of the delicious savoury tarts and sip on a glass of vino or two.

A short stroll down Cow’s Lane and we’d nip into The Gutter Bookshop where I’d get to pick out a new book or pretty notebook to add to my ever-growing and much loved pile.

A wander through the cobbled streets of Temple Bar, I’d then be surprised with tickets to the IFI to see Casablanca, a classic and a goodie. Or so I’ve been told.

The post-movie dissection would occur in the Stags Head over a drink and probably result in my lovely man sighing with relief that the movie was over and we’d reached his favourite part of the day.

In truth, after a day like this I would be craving the comfort of an open fire and home-cooked meal, but seeing as we’re playing make-believe let’s imagine I’ve the energy to demolish a few plates of tapas in The Port House,  or enjoy some French food in L’Gueuleton or flag down a taxi to deliver us to my favourite Italian, Nonna Valentina.

I’d then be flown home in a sleek, black helicopter and sleep on a bed of rose petals.

Ah, you see, every day should be Valentine’s Day.

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