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One For The Girls – Delphi Mountain Resort Spa, Co. Galway

I visited Delphi Mountain Resort Spa during my whistle stop tour of Ireland last year. I arrived in the dark, full of a head cold, dragged myself into the spa, lay on a lounger and fell asleep for an hour. I ventured into the steam room at some point, in the hopes of steaming my cold away, but felt guilty at the thought of spreading my disease to unsuspecting guests. Read more »


Honeymoon Destinations

Marriage is when two people commit to wanting the other as a partner for life. Someone to go through the highs and lows of the passing years and who will love and support you no matter how wrinkly, grey or silly you get. Read more »


A His and Her’s Weekend in the West of Ireland

I love nothing more than escaping to the countryside for a quiet break. Fresh air, long walks, lazy lunches, hearty dinners and having to do absolutely nothing, but enjoy time passing slowly by. People’s ideas of the perfect weekend vary and no doubt vary considerably between sexes, but I think my lovely man and I agree on most of the above, except perhaps long walks. However, if he’s got his fishing rod in hand, I can make him walk for hours with the promise of a fishing hole at the end of the trail.  Read more »