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Coastal Drives – West Coast of USA, Amalfi and Antrim Coast

There is something exhilarating about driving along a cliffside, sheer drops to one side, towering mountains to the other, nothing stopping you from plummeting into the crashing waves below, but a skimpy piece of rail, if that. It is along such drives that you get panoramic views of the ocean, views that will take your breath away. Read more »


Best Value Holiday Destinations

Choosing your holiday destination can reduce your holiday price dramatically, so it’s important to keep this in mind. Yes, you  may find a great deal in a 5 star hotel, but keep in mind to eat and drink in the hotel will make a rather large dent in your holiday spending money. With times being tough, people are looking for more for their money, and with weather like this, they need to get a break in the sun. So I’ve put together a list of the best value for money destinations in Europe. Read more »


Cruise Holidays

A cruise can be many things; large bulky ships with casinos and cabarets, making multiple stops in bustling ports; small luxurious barges chugging along inland waterways serving up gourmet meals and an experience of a lifetime, or families can take to the waters choosing their own pace and path through stunning natural landscapes, masters of their own ships. Read more »


Cruising Through Burgundy

I’ve spent a lot of time near the medieval town of Carcassone, through which the Canal du Midi flows. I’ve often found myself on the banks of the canal watching the barges chug peacefully past, passengers sitting on the deck reading a book, snoozing in the shade or chattering merrily around the table enjoying a light lunch of cheese, meats, bread and wine. What a wonderful way to pass a week or two. Sailing slowly down the canal, stopping at pretty villages, reading, cycling the tow path or simply dangling your feet over the side, watching the world pass by. Read more »