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Travelling With Lesley Carter

Photo Credit: Bucketlist Publications

Photo Credit: Bucket List Publications

US travel writer and founder of Bucketlist Publications, Lesley Carter, believes in living life to the full. Jumping out of planes and off waterfalls is everyday life to her.I shudder when I think of jumping out of a plane. My memory of my parachute jump was flying in a tin can, jumping from a floating step, 5 seconds of exhilaration, screams from a loud speaker begging me to steer my parachute, an electric fence, being pulled through a field, a hospital and then 2 months on crutches. Read more »


Ideal Family City Breaks

Photo Credit: Amsterdam Tourism

Photo Credit: Amsterdam Tourism

I remember being around 5 years old, standing on a roadside, beside a car, changing out of my pyjamas, while looking up at the skyscrapers of New York. Dad had driven us from Cape Cod in the early hours of the morning and I’d awoken to the sounds and smells of a city bigger than I could ever have imagined. Read more »


Egg Hunts & Food Festivals in Ireland this Easter

Big Egg Hunt Launch23

Photo Credit: Failte Ireland

It’s not long until the Easter Bunny arrives, clocks go forward and children are off for their Easter break. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for longer days and sunshine. Read more »


Travelling With Brendan Harding

Me in Jordan 1

One of the best things about being a travel writer is the people you meet. When you’re abroad you tend to be more open to chatting to complete strangers, well at least I am. The world seems friendlier when you’re on holidays, perhaps it’s the sunshine and leisurely liquid lunches, either way, it’s refreshing and one of my favourite things about travelling. Read more »


The Rugged West – Co. Mayo

DSCN2489The west coast of Ireland has drawn artists from around the world for years. They come in hope of capturing the mystical beauty of the rugged coast and wild interior on their white canvas. While Kerry and Galway may be more widely visited, Mayo has a unique and seemingly quiet beauty. A relatively lightly populated county, it has wide, untouched expanses of fields in the south and barren mountainous land in the north. Read more »