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Mother’s Day

Spa Salveo- KnockrannyHouse

Knockranny Hotel Spa

When I was young and couldn’t sleep, Mum would sit in my room and tell me about a pink fluffy cloud. She’d describe it and tell me to lie on it and then, in a soft voice, she’d talk through relaxing every part of my body. I’d be asleep by the time she got to my knees. To this day, if I can’t sleep, I lie on my pink fluffy cloud. Read more »


Travel Clinic

4I get daily mails asking for holiday advice and hotel recommendations and it can be hard to give advice to people you don’t know. We’re all so different in our tastes and what we want out of a holiday, but I give ideas hoping to inspire someone to take a memorable holiday. Read more »


A Taste of Ireland’s Hidden Gems



I’ve been hiding from the world for the past month due to a bereavement. However, life never lets you hide for too long and soon you have to return to normal life. Read more »