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A New Journey

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” Matsuo Basho

For as long as I can remember, I have travelled. Short trips around Europe, backpacking through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Africa. Each trip generated memories I will cherish forever. I made new friends and did things I never thought I was brave enough to do. There was much laughter, some tears, and always, a sense of excitement.

I was lucky enough to enter the world of travel writing. I had longed to be a travel writer, to share my experiences with others. To travel the world and to write. We all have dreams and they often change shape as we get older. I met a wonderful man, fell in love, got married and fulfilled another of my dreams. We bought a house with a big garden, backing onto a forest in the country. My husband built me the greenhouse I’d always wanted. We started to grow our own vegetables.

It’s a cliche, I know, but life is a journey. My journey leading up to all of this was often an open road with blue skies, but, there were times when the journey was rocky and littered with false starts.

Another of my dreams was to have a family. On 29th March 2016 our baby Jack arrived into this world. His arrival was long awaited and I held my breath for much of the pregnancy. I stopped travelling as no city, no beach, no country, no adventure could be more important than our growing child.

And so we have started a new journey. A new adventure. In ways, it is like others I have taken; filled with laughter, tears and yes, exhaustion. Yet, no other compares to this. We have only begun our journey and there is a lifetime to go, yet every day is precious. And so, I’ve neglected my website and social media, but as many of you will know, time flies in the world of a baby. Blink and you will miss it.

I will, of course, keep you updated on trips – weekends away, family holidays and romantic breaks. I don’t intend on disappearing forever, but for the moment, I won’t be flying about the world so much. I will be enjoying my new journey, with my family.

Happy New Year to you all and may 2017 see many of your dreams come true.