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They say everyone has a book in them. But does everyone have the patience, dedication and determination to sit down, face a blank screen and write for days, weeks, months, perhaps years?

Having spent many years writing stories I never showed anyone, I decided to see if writing was a hobby or something I wanted to turn into a career. There was no better way to find out than to throw myself into the deep end and spend the summer at a Writers’ and Artists’ Retreat in the Montagne Noire, France.

Surrounded by other writers, I found true inspiration and most importantly, I discovered writing was not just a hobby and I managed to write the first draft of The Fall of Irides, a book for young adults. In 2010 I got my first writing job and was commissioned to write the first edition of the Time Out Guide to Ireland. This was no small feat, I can tell you.

Writing about Ireland allowed me to explore the country, discover true gems and witness firsthand the passion of so many inspiring entrepreneurs, running restaurants, cafes, hotels, guest houses and businesses who remain enthusiastic and optimistic despite the bleak economic climate.

I do a weekly travel slot on Ireland AM, TV3, one week is a domestic slot where I recommend places to visit, things to do and places to stay  and the other week is a world travel slot where I come up with a themed holiday and then discuss three destinations. Glamping, house swapping, creative holidays, you name it, I will talk about it! If you’ve anything you’d like to hear about, just drop me an email and let me know!

I also do other broadcasting and freelance travel writing for some magazines and Failte Ireland and of course, my blog. This website is here for you to find your ideal destination for the holiday you are researching and I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you need advice, feel free to contact me!

To keep me busy, I am also Programme Director for the Dublin Book Festival, Dublin’s largest and most vibrant book festival. Researching books, writers, coming up with new events and themes is a great passion of mine. Meeting writers and people with a love for words and books was yet another dream come true.

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  1. gmooney
    Jul 6 2011

    Think you are truly a wonder! No mean photographer either! You certainly could turn your hand to that.

  2. mary
    Jul 7 2011

    Hey Julianne, Heard you on the radio and you came over very well. Terrific what you are doing. Will have to go get the book.
    Mary Boissel

  3. Feb 17 2012

    Hi Julianne, thanks for the follow on Twitter…wasn’t familiar with the travel slot on TV3 nor Time Out Ireland, fantastic stuff! Our home (not the farm) is on home exchange and we are renovating a period thatched farm/cottage at the moment which will eventually become a lovely eco-retreat for people travelling to Ireland (or within Ireland!). Happy to have discovered you! xx

    • Feb 17 2012

      Oh your farm sounds divine, do let me know when it’s done, I love quirky holiday ideas!

      I did a piece on House Swapping on one of my slots, it’s such a wonderful idea, a way to see the world and not spend a fortune!

      I’m afraid I’m useless on Twitter, but I do plan on getting better and look forward to hearing your news!

      Thanks for contacting me and please do stay in touch! My email is on my contact page.
      Warm Regards,

    • Oct 31 2012

      Hi there,

      I was wondering if you would be able to help me in promoting a competition and two events taking place at the Dublin Book Festival?

      We are running a competition on Twitter, it is just fun, but it would be great to get some recipes in –
      If you are able to tweet about it or pop it up on facebook I’d really appreciate it. If you have time and wanted to send in a recipe we could tweet this out?

      Two of the foodie events we have on are below and I would be so grateful if you could let people know about them, or if you have suggestions as to who I should send it on to please let me know.

      I would be so grateful for any help you may offer.

      Kind Regards,

  4. Aug 31 2012

    Iam an Egyptian writer staying in Dublin, I liked what you wrote and wanted to know how can I help in book festival ?


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