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First Time Cruising with MSC

MSC Musica

MSC Magnifica

We were waiting to embark the rather impressive MSC Magnifica in Venice. Beside us a young couple fussed over their baby, a group of retired Germans chatted happily, a couple in their 40’s were being ignored by their two teenagers and a gaggle of thirty-something women laughed uncontrollably at an ‘inside’ joke. Read more »


Winter Sun Destinations


The thought of leaving behind dreary winter skies and escaping to sunnier shores is very appealing. Long weekends in sunny cities, lazy family beach holidays or you may even be setting your sights further afield to exotic locations where sunshine and adventure is guaranteed. There are plenty of places to visit which offer sun during our winter season – India, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The world is your oyster.
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Lakeside Retreat: Wineport Lodge, Co. Westmeath

Wineport Lodge

Sitting neatly at the edge of Lough Ree, Wineport Lodge looks like it has always been there. The forested shore camouflages the wooden lodge, while boats and ducks bob happily on the lake in front. Read more »


A Journey Through Mountains & Moors – Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands

This was not a trip I’d planned to do alone. In fact, the route we were taking was one our friends did for their honeymoon. Albeit, their trip was taken over a leisurely fortnight and ours would be just 5 days. Read more »


A Taste of Ireland’s Hidden Gems



I’ve been hiding from the world for the past month due to a bereavement. However, life never lets you hide for too long and soon you have to return to normal life. Read more »


Asian Adventures



Sometimes we choose a holiday where we do nothing but unwind. Then there are times when we choose one for adventure; where the sounds, smells and sights are foreign and intoxicating.

The second time I visited South East Asia I went for 4 months, starting in Vietnam. I’d decided to travel alone, much to the heartache of my parents. They were beside themselves with worry, but I moved ahead with my plans regardless. Read more »


New On The Block – Croatia



The EU has opened its arms once again and welcomed Croatia to its flock. It seems incredible that only 20 years ago this beautiful country was in turmoil, beaten and bruised from four years of war. Time really does heal. Read more »


Malta, The Legacy of The Knights


Valletta City, Malta

What may look like a few specks south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, are in fact the Maltese Islands, a country with a history more colourful that Joseph’s amazing technicoloured dreamcoat. Read more »


Travel With Ireland AM’s Sinead Desmond

Sinead Desmond

Life is about recommendations. Restaurants, wine, books, food, you name it, if someone tells you to try something or visit somewhere, the seal of approval is worth its weight in gold. Read more »


Island Breaks

It was in a small town in northern Cambodia I heard tales of a small cluster of islands straddling the Thai and Malaysian coastlines. The young adventurer spoke of the islands in a low whispers fearing too many people would go in search of the tropical oasis and destroy what was so beautiful about them, their isolation and relative anonymous nature. Read more »