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Autumn Escapes – At Home & Abroad


Gardens, The Mustard Seed

Gardens, The Mustard Seed









The leaves are turning yellow and burnt orange in colour, eventually┬áreleasing their grip on the branches they will drift towards the ground. When I walk on footpaths, the familiar sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet are a reminder the seasons have changed. Summer is over and soon fires will be lit and curtains drawn before 6pm. Autumn has arrived. With it, children have gone back to school and families no longer dominate hotels and guest houses.┬áNow is the time to book a weekend escape, there are deals to be had! Read more »


Chasing Blue Skies in Co. Limerick


I’m spending quite a bit of time on the road at the moment and I have to confess, the rain clouds are following me everywhere. Floods, snow showers, torrential rain and sleet. I spend half my time searching for little patches of blue sky so I might get out of my car without getting drenched. Read more »