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5 Reasons to Visit Northern Ireland in August

Festival of Flight. Photo Credit: Belfast Telegraph

Festival of Flight. Photo Credit: Belfast Telegraph

Northern Ireland is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance in the world travel scene, with visitors coming from all over the world to enjoy the great scenery on show. Read more »


Number 1 – Romantic Spots in Northern Ireland

Romantic trips generally involve a trip to a nice hotel or cosy B&B, good food, wine and quiet time, all shared with your loved one. Of course, some people may prefer something a little more active, like a a city-break with evenings spent in buzzy bars and afternoons browsing shops and visiting galleries or a healthy weekend of trekking or cycling. Whatever floats your boat, you won’t have to look to distant shores to find it. Read more »


The City of Food – Belfast

I rediscovered Belfast two years ago and became quite taken with their burgeoning food scene. Quirky restaurants, funky bars, food walking tours and cookery schools provide a playground for food lovers in search of some culinary delights. There are whispers that it is quickly rising to become one of Ireland’s culinary capitals, and to be honest, I wouldn’t contest this. Read more »


Halloween Getaways

Darkness is creeping into the evenings that bit earlier and the mornings are slow to rouse. Leaves are turning from green to yellow and red, their grip loosening from the branches. Shops are dressed with cobwebs and pumpkins, faces hidden behind scary masks. Read more »