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New On The Block – Croatia



The EU has opened its arms once again and welcomed Croatia to its flock. It seems incredible that only 20 years ago this beautiful country was in turmoil, beaten and bruised from four years of war. Time really does heal. Read more »


Summer Festivals around Europe

Photo Credit: Camp Bestival

Photo Credit: Camp Bestival


It would be easy to move from one city to another, crossing countries and continents, taking in a festival of one kind or another every day of the year. Summer is the crest of the wave, taking advantage, no doubt, of the dry fields and grassy verges on which pagodas, tents and stages are erected in preparation of a day, weekend or even week long festivities. Read more »


Holidays with an Active Twist

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais, Portugal

People’s attitude towards holidays have changed over the years. While we were once happy to seek out a beach, lie on a lounger and sip cocktails for a week, we now want something more. A holiday, but an adventure at the same time. Read more »


The True Essence of Dubrovnik, Croatia









Summer was coming to a close and I couldn’t resist the temptation to squeeze in a final week of sunshine and al fresco dining. Destination? The beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Read more »