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Euro 2012

Everyone’s getting ready for the big countdown to Euro 2012 and the boy’s in green are polishing up on their Polish, I’m sure. While most have probably booked their trip, some may decide to pack their bags last minuteĀ and head to Poland for a match or simply to soak up the atmosphere. Tomorrow on Today FM I’ll be talking with Anton Savage about the Euro 2012. Damien Moran, author of The Irish Fans Guide to Euro 2012 will be giving tips on what to do when you get there and I’ll be advising on the best ways to travel there and what deals are still around. Tune in at 12:30pm tomorrow, Sunday 13th May. Below is some of the information I’ll be chatting about. Read more »


Destination Euro 2012 – For All You Football Fans

I grew up on rugby, so I’m not very learned about football. I know the players look fitter, younger and generally more handsome than rugby players, with a notable lack of cauliflower ears. However, I’m not adverse to learning and I listen intently as my lovely man talks passionately about his boys in blue. Read more »