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Family Summer Holidays

I know it seems a bit premature to be talking about summer holidays, but believe me, if you want to get a good bargain for yourself and your family, you need to be looking now! Read more


Family Ski Breaks

Copy of Grandvalira_chairlift

It’s no secret that a ski holiday is a luxury these days, so to consider taking your family off to the slopes, you need to do your research to get the best deal. Read more »


The Magical Vineyards of Beaune, Burgundy









On my first night in Beaune, Burgundy I fell in love. I wasn’t expecting or looking for it, it just happened. Just like that. The waitress placed the plate of cheese on our table and I felt my stomach turn. I’d eaten my bodyweight in cheese the previous week during my barge trip and I truly believed I’d tasted every cheese known not only to Burgundy, but to man himself. As it turned out, I had not.
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Island Breaks

It was in a small town in northern Cambodia I heard tales of a small cluster of islands straddling the Thai and Malaysian coastlines. The young adventurer spoke of the islands in a low whispers fearing too many people would go in search of the tropical oasis and destroy what was so beautiful about them, their isolation and relative anonymous nature. Read more »


Destinations Made Famous By Movies

Films are like books for me, sometimes I want one to be deep and thought provoking, other times I need something light, to make me laugh, and at other moments, I simply want to escape into a fantastical world filled with adventure, if only for a few hours. Read more »


Sunny South of France

I came to La Muse on a whim. Following 9 months of writing, researching, travelling, festival madness and general hard work, when John emailed to say they had a spare room, I had my bags packed and flight booked within 24 hours. How happy I am to be back at my desk, overlooking the Black Mountains, the chestnut trees in full bloom and the scent of the chestnut flower lingering in the air. The sky is blue and sun shining.
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