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Easter Breaks at Home & Abroad

Easter lambs resized

Photo Credit: Failte Ireland

Spring has finally arrived and the fields are abound with sprightly lambs bouncing and bleating with the joy of life. The Easter bunny is busy packing his bag with chocolate eggs and other chocolatey treats, while parents are scouring the internet for things to do with the little ones during the holidays. Read more »


Europe’s Friendliest City

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Photo Credit:

Earlier this month, Conde Nast Traveler unveiled its list of the friendliest and unfriendliest cities around the world and it has to be said, Ireland ranked pretty high. The medieval city of Kilkenny came ninth and was the only European city in the Top Ten. Dublin came in at Number 13 and Cork, Number 20. Read more »


A Hidden Retreat in Co. Kilkenny – Ballilogue Clochán

I can’t remember who gave me this piece of advice, but it has always stuck with me. If you have a decision to make, pretend you are writing a story and you are the protagonist. Now what would you tell yourself to do? Speaking from experience, the decisions you make with this in mind, come from your heart rather than your head and generally involve taking a risk. I try to use this piece of advice whenever I falter. You see, I believe in taking risks. Yes, courage is required and then there’s the whole fear thing to conquer, but ultimately there is a sense of sheer joy. Read more »