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The Rugged West – Co. Mayo

DSCN2489The west coast of Ireland has drawn artists from around the world for years. They come in hope of capturing the mystical beauty of the rugged coast and wild interior on their white canvas. While Kerry and Galway may be more widely visited, Mayo has a unique and seemingly quiet beauty. A relatively lightly populated county, it has wide, untouched expanses of fields in the south and barren mountainous land in the north. Read more »


Countryside Breaks

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or the fact that I live in the city, but I’d take a holiday in the countryside over a city break anytime. Walks around hidden, tranquil lakes and grassy mountain trails, drinks by the fireside in small, local bars and drives along narrow, country roads with random pitstops in tiny villages and towns. Read more »


A His and Her’s Weekend in the West of Ireland

I love nothing more than escaping to the countryside for a quiet break. Fresh air, long walks, lazy lunches, hearty dinners and having to do absolutely nothing, but enjoy time passing slowly by. People’s ideas of the perfect weekend vary and no doubt vary considerably between sexes, but I think my lovely man and I agree on most of the above, except perhaps long walks. However, if he’s got his fishing rod in hand, I can make him walk for hours with the promise of a fishing hole at the end of the trail.  Read more »