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Ideal Family City Breaks

Photo Credit: Amsterdam Tourism

Photo Credit: Amsterdam Tourism

I remember being around 5 years old, standing on a roadside, beside a car, changing out of my pyjamas, while looking up at the skyscrapers of New York. Dad had driven us from Cape Cod in the early hours of the morning and I’d awoken to the sounds and smells of a city bigger than I could ever have imagined. Read more »


Love Is In The Air


I don’t subscribe to Valentine’s Day. Not because I don’t believe in romance, on the contrary, I believe in spontaneous romance. Read more »


Destinations Made Famous By Movies

Films are like books for me, sometimes I want one to be deep and thought provoking, other times I need something light, to make me laugh, and at other moments, I simply want to escape into a fantastical world filled with adventure, if only for a few hours. Read more »