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Opera, Rock & Family Fun – More European Festivals

Photo Credit: Camp Besitval

Photo Credit: Camp Besitval

My mail box is overflowing with information on summer festivals, here in Ireland and around the world. I’ve sifted through them all and it’s hard to choose which my favourite would be. Read more »


Summer Festivals around Europe

Photo Credit: Camp Bestival

Photo Credit: Camp Bestival


It would be easy to move from one city to another, crossing countries and continents, taking in a festival of one kind or another every day of the year. Summer is the crest of the wave, taking advantage, no doubt, of the dry fields and grassy verges on which pagodas, tents and stages are erected in preparation of a day, weekend or even week long festivities. Read more »


Let the Festival Season Begin!

10-press-youth-carnivalI’m not sure where you are in the world, but here in Dublin, Ireland, the sun is shining and a long weekend lies before us. Everyone is walking about in t-shirts and smiles plastered across their faces. Summer is finally here.

Read more »


Summer Festivals in Ireland


The release of programmes and line-ups for the many festivals around the country is the start to a summer of music, dance, theatre, reading and film celebrations. You name it, we’ll celebrate it and we know how to throw a good party. Read more »